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Readers no longer have to worry about spam filters or promotion folders blocking them from accessing their favorite briefings.

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With Debut, publishers can allow readers to access early versions of the newsletter so readers can more consistently incorporate these briefings into their daily routine.

Exclusive Updates

When the news changes or publishers spot a stubborn typo, publishers can update newsletters even after they are in the inbox.

Newsletter Experience

A more contained experience allows readers to view entire articles and videos all while staying within the newsletter.

Better Discovery

Access hundreds of newsletters from Debut publisher partners and other credible publishers in our Discover marketplace adjacent to the inbox. Users can also nominate and subscribe to additional newsletters that may not be in Discover just yet.

Subscribe with one click

No longer bother with a lengthy, cumbersome sign up process. Subscribe to newsletters from Debut Inbox partners with one click and use your unique @DebutInbox for non-publisher partners.

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Debut combines the best of traditional email -- strong push and an easy to read format -- with the expanded capablities of an app-based environment. Welcome to streaming newsletters.

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